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Favour the mobility of all those who are faced with specific difficulties, such as the partially-sighted, or adolescents

Urban mobility and autonomy for the blind and partially sighted
Technological demonstrator, relief drawings and internet
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Getting around the city for the 10 to 13 year-olds
Experimental mobility aid services for the pre-teens
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Giving the Excluded the right to transport to work
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Improve the performance and quality of urban transport, notably through convenient and sustainable intermodality

Architecture of the city on the move
Exhibition in the intermodality section
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Cities at Night projects
Facilitating movement for people who work and travel at night
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Partnership with China
Urban growth, transport methods and intermodality
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Cultures of urban mobility and of civilities

ICITZEN, Website and online game on codes
and civic behaviour in cities in movement
Centre for scientific, cultural and educational resources
on new behaviours
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Chair of the Institut pour la ville en mouvement
Lectures and publications of the international university Chair
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Student competition 2003
Headline Urban Mobilities!
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Prospects for mobilities
Prospects for urban mobilities