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Mobility in the cities of China?

IVM at the first Canton International Photography - Biennial
Guangdong Museum of Art
from 18 January to 28 February 2005

On 18 January this year, IVM was both partner and exhibitor at the inauguration of the first Canton International Photography Biennial on the theme “Re-seeing the city”.
At the opening, the exhibition curators – Alain Jullien, Gu Zheng and An Ge – stated their intention of “making the Biennial a space for encounters and exchanges on the theme of the photographic city”.
The “Architecture on the move! Cities and mobilities” Exhibition, enhanced by the photo reportage “Urban mobility through the eyes of Chinese photographers”, will be showing there until 28 February. In this reportage, young Chinese photographers reveal their cities through their ideas on mobility and movement: Aniu on Canton, Li Lang on Chongqing, Luo Yongjing on Shanghai, Song Gangming on Wuhan and Liu Zhijian on Beijing.

The China programme in 2005
The objective of IVM’s China programme is to support contemporary thinking about the future of China’s cities and the changing face of urban mobilities in China. Its primary purpose is to contribute to innovative solutions and measures in favour of mobility. The main goals of the programme are threefold:
To improve the methods and techniques for understanding urban mobility,
To put forward quality solutions for handling the loci of urban mobility,
To share and disseminate original knowledge and ideas on urban mobility.

In 2005, the City on the Move Institute is reinforcing its presence in China. It is proposing the creation of an academic chair of city and movement at Tongji University in Shanghai, thereby opening up a space for innovative research. Three times a year, the Chair will invite international research specialists for a two-week lecture cycle.
In addition, IVM is opening a permanent office at the University of Tongji, to be headed by Professor Pan Haixiao of the College of Urban Planning and Architecture. This rapprochement consolidates the relations established with the University over the last four years.

Furthermore, following on from the events organised in 2003 & 2004 in Canton, Wuhan, Chongqing, Shanghai and Beijing, a training programme in architecture and urban planning on the theme of “city and mobility” is being launched in partnership with six European and Chinese university institutions (Rotterdam’s Berlage Institute, Berlin’s University of Technology, the Paris Val-de-Seine School of Architecture, Tongji University, Canton’s South China University, the University of Sciences and Technologies in Wuhan). The students will work on three selected sites in Shanghai, Wuhan and Canton. The results of their work will be exhibited in Canton in October.

Finally, for the second consecutive year, the journal “Urban Planning Forum” has asked IVM to edit a bimonthly section in the journal on new research and innovative concepts in the field of urban mobility.
For its part, the Chinese journal “Urban Planning Overseas” will be publishing in its March issue a selection of the lectures given at the Beijing international symposium at Tsingua University last October.

2005 Diary
From 18 January to 28th February: “Architecture on the Move! Cities and Mobilities” Exhibition combined with the photo reportage “Urban mobility through the eyes of five Chinese photographers” at the Canton Photography Biennial (Guangdong Museum of Art).

18 March: to mark the publication of the issue of the journal Urbanisme on “Chinese cities on the move”, put together in partnership with IVM, a discussion evening will be held at the Maison des architectes d’Ile-de-France.

9 April: inauguration of the IVM Academic Chair at Tongji University.

October: exhibition of the results of the competition for architecture and urban planning students in Canton.

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